Adult Trainings & Workshops

Chiswick, West London

Raising children is not always easy! At the Children’s Wellness Centre we have multiple trainings and workshops to support the everyday challenges that come with being a parent, in an ever changing society.

From expectant parents, to those with teenagers, we can provide support for all. Our workshops are run by highly qualified professionals and expert speakers, with our aim for all parents/carers attending to leave feeling equipped with new ideas and skills to support everyday family life.
Our informal, non-judgemental atmosphere welcomes all and we look forward to having you join us at one of our events!

**Workshops are added all the time, so please keep checking this section for upcoming dates** 

Managing & Supporting Stress & Anxiety in Children

Date: Sat 23rd February
Time: 7.15pm – 10pm
Price: £55 per person (£100 per couple)

Please join us for an informative evening and a complimentary glass of prosecco or beer, whilst new skills and ideas are taught and thought about. The workshop will explore the causes of everyday stress and anxiety in children and teens. It will offer practical ideas for parents to create a supportive and containing relationship with their children, as well as useful tools on spotting and responding to anxiety.

Supportive Parenting Programme (Every Tuesday for six weeks)

Start: Fri 22nd Feb
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Price: £360 per person (For the full 6 week programme)

Being a parent is not always easy and there is no manual that tells you what to do! In the society in which we live in, there are so many developments all the time in relation to understanding human behaviour and how the mind works, that often it can be so hard to keep up and know what to do for the best. Our 6 week course (2 hours per week) covers all aspects of parenting, with the aim for parents/carers to leave feeling informed and skilled, with a wealth of additional ideas, tools and strategies to help foster a more harmonious home environment.

Infant & Postnatal Carer Training

Start: Sat 13th & Sun 14th Oct
Time: 11am – 5pm (Sat 13th) 9am – 5pm (Sun 14th)
Price: £175 per person

Our weekend Infant Care and Postnatal course runs over two days and covers an extensive variety of topics relating to the care and development of young babies. This is an ideal course for expectant parents or those with young babies. It is suitable for first time parents, or more experienced parents wanting to gain further skills and new ideas. The course is particularly suitable for families not able to commit to a long term NCT programme, but still wanting advice, guidance and teaching in relation to young babies.

Mum & Baby Yoga

Start: Thursdays
20th September – 18th October (5 classes)
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Price: £70 for term

Our Mum and Baby yoga classes focus on supporting you in regaining strength after pregnancy and birth. Babies are part of our class and bonding and relaxation alongside your little one is all incorporated into the course.
Our class sizes are small, with a maximum of 5 mums and babies, allowing one-to-one attention and support. We provide a calming, relaxing atmosphere, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, all whilst knowing your baby is safe and close by if they need you! All the postures can be practised with or without your baby, depending on how you focus best, or how your baby feels on the day.
Classes focus on abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, balance alignment and the alleviation of back and neck pain and go completely at your own individual pace.

Expectant Parent Baby Massage Workshop

Start: Thursdays 13th September – 27th September (3 classes)
Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Price: £45 (For the full 3 week course)

In the new world of suddenly becoming a parent it can be difficult to find time to attend workshops and classes. Our unique baby massage training is for expectant parents to learn all the strokes and rhythms of baby massage, meaning that when your little one arrives you will have the skills and knowledge to implement your own massage routine at home. 
All attending the course will practice and learn the strokes on their own weighted demonstration doll. Over the course of 3 sessions you will learn leg, arm, tummy, chest, back and face massage routines (as well as the benefits of each) which can be used with your baby throughout early childhood. 

Parent Paediatric First Aid

Start: 8th September or 20th October
Time: 11am – 5.30pm
Price: £78 

Our certificated Parent Paediatric First Aid Course, covers the same syllabus as the 6 hour Ofsted regulated training course. It is suitable for all parents/carers and grandparents who want to gain invaluable skills to help support their family in everyday situations and emergencies.

Children’s Nutrition & Healthy Eating Workshop

Start: 29th September
Time: 11.00am – 2.00pm
Price: £75 per person

Our Nutrition training is suitable for parents/carers and those working with children who want to extend their skills and feel more confident when preparing and cooking food. The training will cover all aspects of children’s nutritional health, what is a balanced diet and how to create one. The programme will discuss supporting and working with children with allergies and intolerances, fussy eaters and how to address children’s worries over food