Children’s Sport & Performance Psychology Services

Chiswick, West London

Our chartered Sport Psychologist works with young people from 9 upwards who compete in sport or are undertaking training for the stage. Our practitioner Josie provides one-to-one sessions either to help the child overcome behaviours which are holding them back and harming their chances of success, or to teach mindset skills to help the young person perform in a professional, calm and confident way. Her clients range from those just starting out in their sport through to professional stage performers and those aiming to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. Josie is registered with the Health Care Professionals Council and is a member of the British Psychological Society and the Association of Applied Sports Psychology.

Josie begins her work with an intake session in which both the child and their parents or carer talk about any issues they are confronting, any behavioural concerns they have and the goals and ambitions of the young person. From this conversation a plan is drawn up and once the young person and their carer / parent are happy with this, the work begins. This process gives the child an opportunity to decide whether they feel comfortable working with the practitioner as the most important indicator of sport psychology success is the athlete-practitioner relationship.

Josie works from a positive psychological perspective, supporting young people to value what is already going well and finding strategies to help them focus on improving the areas holding them back. She begins from a cognitive behavioural framework to help the young person manage their problems by changing the way they think about them and how they behave in response. It doesn’t remove the problems, but it does allow the athlete to deal with them in a more positive way. On occasion it can become more appropriate to work from a humanistic framework where the practitioner focuses on the athlete’s self-awareness and listens while the young person directs the discussion, the direction that the sessions take and the ultimate outcomes.

Why work with a Sports Psychologist

Sport and stage performing have many fantastic benefits, but they can also be quite intimidating and cause us anxiety, to suffer from pressure and to feel discomfort. Working with a Sport Psychologist can help young people to become more self-aware, understand better how their mind works and to help them think and behave in a way that benefits their performance. The techniques help young people improve their performance in competitive environments as well as helping them, their coaches and parents cope better with elements of sporting life such as training attitudes, injury, rehabilitation, communicating well to other athletes and team dynamics. The techniques and strategies can also be helpful in the young person’s day-to-day life, helping them deal more effectively with issues which arise at school or with friends.

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