Teen Classes

Chiswick, West London

Our teen classes and workshops offer young people opportunities to try out something different, away from usual school activities. Our 16 plus First Aid course provides a chance for young people to gain a certified qualification whilst learning vital new skills.
**We have lots of exciting future plans coming up, so please keep checking this section for more workshops**

Teen Yoga

Our teen yoga classes use many of the stretches and positions of adult yoga. Our fully qualified yoga instructor, Kiri, provides a calming environment for young people to switch off, focus and relax, helping to reduce stress levels, anxieties and feelings of lethargy. Blocks and straps are used alongside traditional techniques to make classes exciting and different, aiding physical co-ordination, strength, balance, flexibility and overall well-being. Yoga can be hugely beneficial in supporting young people in learning relaxation techniques, self-awareness and increasing their confidence and self-belief.

Teen First Aid

Our First Aid for teens workshops are divided into different aged groups and help young people to understand and learn about the basic principles of First Aid. Our lovely, fully qualified Level 3 First Aid trainer Pam, has over 30 years experience working with children and young people, and provides practical workshops with exciting props and role-plays, to help those attending learn in a fun, relaxed and informal way! Topics covered include fainting, eye injuries, choking, burns, bleeding, broken bones, asthma attacks, anaphylaxis, unconsciousness, the recovery position and Basic Life Support (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation CPR). Armed with this knowledge, children should feel capable and confident to know what they can do in an emergency affecting them or someone else.

Teen Fit (14 years+)

Our Teen Fit classes are run by our health and fitness expert and personal trainer Daniela. The classes focus on all aspects of teen fitness, incorporating activities supporting endurance, flexibility and strength. Teens get the chance to use resistance bands, kettle bells and small dumbells and are taught varied workouts each week, that can also be replicated at home in their own spare time.
Exercise classes can be daunting for teens, especially when many venues are very adult focused. Our sessions provides a space for teens to work out with their friends and with those of similar age, ensuring a relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment. No prior experience necessary, this class is suitable for all levels and abilities! Class sizes are kept small, with no more than 8 teens per group.
At the Children’s Wellness Centre we feel passionate about supporting all aspects of children health – our teen fit classes may focus on physical benefits, however exercise can have huge positive effects on mood and stress levels.
Spaces are limited so book early to secure your spot!

When: Fridays at 4.30pm

11 – 13 year old? Not to worry, register your interest here!