Our Terms and Conditions are listed below, however if you have any other queries please feel free to get in touch with us.

Parent/Carer Obligation
The Parent and/ or Carer warrants that the information provided on the Booking Form is accurate and up to date in all respects at the point of booking. Any changes must be sent by the Parent and / or Carer to The Children’s Wellness Centre immediately.
It is the Parent and/or Carer’s responsibility to inform The Children’s Wellness Centre of any special medical conditions/allergies at the point of booking, including any physical, emotional or learning needs, as well as any behavioural diagnosis.
Children and/or Parents and/or Carers must not attend any activities at The Children’s Wellness Centre whilst suffering from any serious illness or contagious disease or anything similar thereto.
During all classes which are not ‘drop-off’ classes and where the Parent and/or Carer is part of the class, they agree and accept sole responsibility for the general conduct and care of their child during the class and whilst on the premises.

Prices and Descriptions
All prices are as stated on the website however we reserve the right, at any time, to revise the price of our services.

Payment Terms

Stripe Payments
The Children’s Wellness Centre uses the third party payment platform, Stripe, the Stripe API, and in conjunction, your Stripe account to process credit and debit card transactions.

By using the Stripe check out when booking on our website you agree to be bound by Stripe’s Terms of Service. You expressly understand and agree that The Children’s Wellness Centre shall not be liable for any payments and monetary transactions that occur through Your use of the Service. You expressly understand and agree that all payments and monetary transactions are handled by Stripe. You agree that The Children’s Wellness Centre shall not be liable for any issues regarding financial and monetary transactions between You and any other party, including Stripe. You are responsible for all transactions (one-time, recurring, and refunds) processed through the service and/or Stripe. The Children’s Wellness Centre is not liable for loss or damage from errant or invalid transactions processed with Your Stripe account. This includes transactions that were not processed due to a network communication error, or any other reason. If You process a transaction, it is Your responsibility to verify that the transaction was successfully processed. You understand that The Children’s Wellness Centre uses the Stripe API to run the Service and that the Stripe API is subject to change at any time and such changes may adversely affect the Service. You understand and agree to not hold The Children’s Wellness Centre liable for any adverse effects that actions (whether intentional or unintentional) on the part of Stripe may cause to Your Stripe account, or Your business.
You must not process stolen credit cards, or unauthorized credit cards through Stripe.
All transaction information passed between The Children’s Wellness Centre and Stripe’s systems is encrypted using 256-bit SSL certificates. No cardholder information is ever passed unencrypted. You can be completely assured that nothing we pass to Stripe’s servers can be examined, used or modified by any third parties attempting to gain access to sensitive information.

Unfortunately, once a booking has been made, we cannot offer a refund should you be unable to attend. We have limited spaces on offer for all our services, therefore regretfully cannot refund for illness or unforeseen circumstances. Our counselling and therapy services have individual cancellation policies, of which you will be informed about prior to booking.

If you are at all unhappy with the services at The Children’s Wellness Centre, please contact us so we can do our best to resolve any issues.

Financial details entered on this site during the payment process will not be stored or retained by The Children’s Wellness Centre and will not be forwarded on or sold to third parties. All payments are processed in accordance with the law.

At The Children’s Wellness Centre we adhere to the Data Protection Regulations, 2018. By submitting your contact details on our website you agree to us contacting your about our services and upcoming events. A full copy of our Data Protection and Privacy Policy can be found here.

Cookies may be used by us to provide you with certain information e.g. customised information from our website. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser which may then store it on your system. If you wish, you can usually adjust your browser so that your computer does not accept cookies. Cookies do not contain confidential information such as your home address, telephone number or credit card details. We do not exchange cookies with any third party websites or external data suppliers.

Further Policies and Procedures of The Children’s Wellness Centre, in relation to the general running of the Centre and the safety and protection of all attending and using the services, can all be viewed in the Reception/ waiting area of The Children’s Wellness Centre.
The Children’s Wellness Centre has a policy of no nuts, or nut products being brought into the Centre by anyone using the services.